Lifenasium Holds Elegant Manners Course for Children

Our colleague Monica Dragu-Covriga held a presentation which let us know about the  Lifenasium children’s courses that helps the young ones learn good manners in a new and original way. This is one of the AFA conference series – Learn from my Business.

Owing to this, parents and children were also present at the conference and while the adults were being provided with detailed information on the topic, method and benefits of the course, their children were getting trained by advanced trainers in game-work workshops. The topic of interest was “Optical Illusions”, a game which is meant to exemplify differences in reality perception between children and adults.

The meeting ended with champagne bottles, and the children were taught how to correctly open them before tasting the champagne themselves. Of course, it was the case of non-alcoholic champagne bottles.

Learn from my Business” shall be held every last Saturday of the month. 

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