AFA, an active partner in the CPADDD project

Within the Centre for Promotion of Entrepreneurship in the Domain for Sustainable Development (CPADDD) project, our partner, the Technical University of Cluj-Napoca, organized the conference “Entrepreneurship. Environmental Affairs and Sustainable Development” between the 4th and 5th of July. Papers and discussions of the two-day conference focused on the business involvement in sustainable development.

During the first day, there were 3 workshops, with presentations held by leading academic and business figures. Moreover, 2 seminars were held under the themes: “Updating qualifications in sustainable development” and “Econovating Technologies and best practices in energy and the environment”. The evening ended with a dinner and an awards ceremony at the Biodiversity Center from the University of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine.

The second day was dedicated to students (MA and PhD), where best works were awarded in the “Best entrepreneurial idea in sustainable development” contest. As a partner, our association has engaged directly through Mihaela Rus, Mirela Mazurec and Teodora Raţ, for the seminar “Mentoring in the development of female entrepreneurship”.

The young entrepreneurs’ enthusiasm and desire to become active and acknowledged players in the business environment has confirmed us, as if it was needed, that mentoring plays an important role in shaping future business men and women and that our experience and involvement is very important, both socially and economically.

CPADDD aims to support the start-up of new business in sustainable development by including a training program focused on entrepreneurial and managerial skills, by offering consulting through the development of spin-off models in the rural and urban areas. Also, CPADDD promotes the new concept of “entrepreneurial university”, thus following the newest development trends in university pedagogy.

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