AFA Cluj “Adopts” the Botanical Garden

Today, May 10, we are starting a new project, representing another proof of the fact that the business women from Cluj care about their community, about its values and beauties. Consequently, we happily announce that we received the UBB board’s acceptance to help restore the “Alexandru Borza” Botanical Garden.

In this sense, we will organize a first event on June 16, through which we aim at achieving three objectives:

  • The reconstruction of the Japanese Garden, one of the main attractions of the Botanical Garden
  • The rebuilding of the hallmarks within the premises of the Garden
  • The foundation of a relaxing spot destined for the visually challenged people
  • The restoration and the valorisation of the old statues in the Botanical Garden

Also, our professed intention is not just to assist to the increase of the number of visitors in the Botanical Garden through various projects, but also to implement a volunteering program, conceived as an opportunity for the community to become aware of the importance of the conservation and the protection of a naturally bio-diversified environment.

We hope that the result of our conjoined efforts will be to bring the Botanical Garden back into the focus of the citizens of Cluj, as a valuable touristic objective that needs to be protected and that should make us proud.


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