AFA Takes Part in the Entrepreneurship and Gender Equality Conference

By way of entrepreneurship, Romania has the chance of being rediscovered at the European and global levels, and Human Resources are the most valuable for a lasting development. This was the general conclusion of the Entrepreneurship and Gender Equality Conference that took place yesterday and was organized by Vitrina Advertising, with the Center for Entrepreneurship Promotion and Advanced Development.

The conference was held in front of an auditorium made up of representatives of the women’s entrepreneurship in Cluj, many of them being members of AFA.

The hostess of the event was Mihaela Rus, President of AFA Cluj, and among the key-speakers there were: dr. Carmen Diaconescu, manager of the private Prompt Urg Ambulance Service, Steluţa Racolţa, general manager of RSC Consulting, Univ. Prof. PhD. Vasile Puşcaş, director of the International Studies’ Institute from BBU and Univ. Prof. PhD. Vasile Soporan, manager of Center for Entrepreneurship Promoting and Advanced Development.

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