About AFA Cluj

A Brief History of AFA

The Business Women Association (AFA) Cluj was founded in 2004 on the initiative of Mrs. Mihaela Rus, General Manager of Vitrina Advertising Agency.  It immediately became a member with the Business Women Associations’ Coalition (CAFA).

The Association is created by women who either own their private business, hold managing positions with different companies or work as doctors, teachers, psychologists, attorneys and other liberal professions. The ladies in AFA Cluj are strong women who hold self respect at high value; their careers and businesses are powerful models in the community.

AFA Cluj is a non-governmental, apolitical and non-profit association.

Our Vision

AFA Cluj intends to become a regional and national leader in the economic, entrepreneurial field, a catalyst and cohesive factor within the local community and a reliable influence in lobby and advocacy.

Our Mission

The Business Women Association (AFA) Cluj promotes and supports both women who own a private business, hold a successful career and those who have expressed their intention to start a business venture. We wish to accomplish even more in the business field with direct benefits in the living community. We intend to:

– Create a favorable environment for achieving excellence in business;

– Protect women’s rights and interests, respectively protect against unfair competition and administrative abuses;

– Endorse and sustain women’s presence in the decision-making process within the local, national and regional public life;

– Contribute to the development of personal and professional outcome through courses, trainings, business events and conferences, and by means of facilitating access to legal assistance;

– Promote our own business ventures and discover new business opportunities;

– Get involved in the well-being of our society by implementing social, educational and cultural projects;

– Establish partnerships with other associations/business organizations in Romania and abroad.

Our Values

AFA Cluj represents the guarantee of a community which is at the same time strong, proficient, fair, unified and oriented towards our common well-being. Its strength and worth derive from its active members, the ongoing projects and partnerships.

The values promoted by AFA Cluj are as follows: