AFA Takes Part in the Entrepreneurship and Gender Equality Conference

By way of entrepreneurship, Romania has the chance of being rediscovered at the European and global levels, and Human Resources are the most valuable for a lasting development. This was the general conclusion of the Entrepreneurship and Gender Equality Conference that took place yesterday and was organized by Vitrina Advertising, with the Center for Entrepreneurship Promotion and Advanced Development.

The conference was held in front of an auditorium made up of representatives of the women’s entrepreneurship in Cluj, many of them being members of AFA.

The hostess of the event was Mihaela Rus, President of AFA Cluj, and among the key-speakers there were: dr. Carmen Diaconescu, manager of the private Prompt Urg Ambulance Service, Steluţa Racolţa, general manager of RSC Consulting, Univ. Prof. PhD. Vasile Puşcaş, director of the International Studies’ Institute from BBU and Univ. Prof. PhD. Vasile Soporan, manager of Center for Entrepreneurship Promoting and Advanced Development.

We Made 104 miracles Happen!

On the occasion of celebrating the Holidays, we wished to bring a smile upon the faces of a hundred children and underprivileged elderly people. Through this engagement we, the business women, and the receptive people who made donations during the “AFA in Wonderland” Charity Ball, demonstrated we could to successfully complete what we  had intended, offering help not just to 100, but to 104 families form Cluj.

Our colleagues visited each family in part, and the encounters were overwhelming. The ones we helped shared, beyond all words, the feeling that we are not alone, that each one, no matter if their personal problems are visible or not, has the power to move on.

The pictures below need no commentary.

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A Saturday for Communication with Vitrina Advertising

The first event of the year from the series “Learn from my Business” was held Saturday, the 28th of January, at the Topaz Hotel and was initiated by our President, Mihaela Rus.

The subject of discussion was „A Saturday for Communication with Vitrina Advertising“, and it featured three presentations on branding and online communication.

Călin Crainic, Creative manager, Darius Groza, Web manager and Radu Neag, from the PR online Department explained about the relationship between consumer and brand, showed us proof of the power of the social media today and unveiled some secrets of a professional online appearance. The presentations held by the three creative members were a real plus both for the association and for our businesses. ‘Learn from my Business’ will be held every last Saturday of the month.

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AFA Spent Halloween with the RFA Children

We decided to dedicate this Halloween day to the children from the “Family Rediscovered Association” (RFA), as a part of our project “Hours of Reward”. Consequently, old and young alike, together with the 18 children from RFA, we all started decorating pumpkins: we sculpted eyes, noses and mouths, we glued on hair and teeth, and we painted them in all possible ways, transforming them completely. When they were ready, we liked them so much that we decided to buy them by way of auctioning. We then donated the money raised during this auction for other activities designed for the RFA Children.

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AFA Started School Together with the Children from the “Family Rediscovered” Association

AFA brought a smile on the faces of the children in the care of the “Family Rediscovered” Association. The meeting was held on Tuesday, September 13th, at 5 o’clock p.m., at the Association’s headquarters. During our last meetings, we have devised a strategy of helping 18 children coming from under-privileged families, completing their school bags with the supplies needed for the beginning of the school year.

The meeting was pleasant and moving at the same time. We played, we laughed, and we rejoiced together with the children from the Association when we discovered the colorful supplies inside their bags.

The event was organized in collaboration with the “Family Rediscovered” Association and the Green&Wild Association. Further on, we aim at offering these children more hope and more smiles. Our actions will speak for themselves.

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An Exceptional Evening

The Evening we organized on Thursday, June 16, in the Botanical Garden and marked the beginning of the “City for a Garden” campaign. Undoubtedly, it was an extraordinary event. Except for the fact that we were indeed inspired when choosing the place for the event, we proved able to take action in an exemplary way, when dealing with a beautiful and special cause.

150 guests joined us, totally happy for all the beautiful moments offered during the soiree, starting with the Capoeira show followed by the fire juggling show, and ending with the inter-war jazz concert with the “Jazztics” Band.

The highlight of the soiree was, evidently, the award ceremony, and thus, the awards were given as follows:

Categoria Copii:

First Prize (a CANON PowerShot A2200 IS camera): Lorena Alexa – „Hard to Snapshoot”

Second Prize (a CANON PowerShot A3000 IS camera): Alex Rusu – „Bananas”

Third Prize (a CANON PowerShot A495 camera): Denisa Moldovan – „Puddled Waters”

The most popular picture (a CANON PowerShot A495 camera): Lorena Alexa – „Hard to Snapshoot”

Adults’ Category

First Prize (1000 Lei Worth): George Raţ – „The Garden in the Mirror”

Second Prize (700 Lei Worth): Flaviu Gabriel Vas – „Best Teacher”

Third Prize (500 lei Worth): Noemi Nagy – „Solitude”

The most popular photography (a CANON PowerShot A495 camera): Sorin Bucur – „Water-lily”

After auctioning the photographs and the rare plants, but also selling green cards and our guests’ donations, we managed to collect 13.000 Lei. As you know, this is just the beginning.

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