Mihaela Rus - President

Mihaela Rus was the initiator of AFA Cluj, the person who gathers around her all the members of the association. Her main business venture is Vitrina Agency, where she holds the position of CEO. Vitrina Advertising is one of the best known and loved brands, acknowledged by local and national customers as the most prestigious full-service PR agency, outside Bucharest. The company is also present in multiple tops and classifications in the field, among which, the most honouring being “Top 50 Companies Worth Working for”, according to Mihaela Rus. This proves the special connection that Mihaela Rus has established with people.

Mihaela Rus has also successfully invested in real estate, one of her ventures is the well-known a Vitrina Business Center. She is one of the 10 ambassadors of women’s entrepreneurship, as well, having been selected during the project “The National Network of Women’s Entrepreneurship Ambassadors”.

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