Our Mission

The Business Women Association (AFA) Cluj promotes and supports both women who own a private business, hold a successful career and those who have expressed their intention to start a business venture. We wish to accomplish even more in the business field with direct benefits in the living community. We intend to:

– Create a favorable environment for achieving excellence in business;

– Protect women’s rights and interests, respectively protect against unfair competition and administrative abuses;

– Endorse and sustain women’s presence in the decision-making process within the local, national and regional public life;

– Contribute to the development of personal and professional outcome through courses, trainings, business events and conferences, and by means of facilitating access to legal assistance;

– Promote our own business ventures and discover new business opportunities;

– Get involved in the well-being of our society by implementing social, educational and cultural projects;

– Establish partnerships with other associations/business organizations in Romania and abroad.

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