AFA, an active partner in the CPADDD project

Within the Centre for Promotion of Entrepreneurship in the Domain for Sustainable Development (CPADDD) project, our partner, the Technical University of Cluj-Napoca, organized the conference “Entrepreneurship. Environmental Affairs and Sustainable Development” between the 4th and 5th of July. Papers and discussions of the two-day conference focused on the business involvement in sustainable development.

During the first day, there were 3 workshops, with presentations held by leading academic and business figures. Moreover, 2 seminars were held under the themes: “Updating qualifications in sustainable development” and “Econovating Technologies and best practices in energy and the environment”. The evening ended with a dinner and an awards ceremony at the Biodiversity Center from the University of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine.

The second day was dedicated to students (MA and PhD), where best works were awarded in the “Best entrepreneurial idea in sustainable development” contest. As a partner, our association has engaged directly through Mihaela Rus, Mirela Mazurec and Teodora Raţ, for the seminar “Mentoring in the development of female entrepreneurship”.

The young entrepreneurs’ enthusiasm and desire to become active and acknowledged players in the business environment has confirmed us, as if it was needed, that mentoring plays an important role in shaping future business men and women and that our experience and involvement is very important, both socially and economically.

CPADDD aims to support the start-up of new business in sustainable development by including a training program focused on entrepreneurial and managerial skills, by offering consulting through the development of spin-off models in the rural and urban areas. Also, CPADDD promotes the new concept of “entrepreneurial university”, thus following the newest development trends in university pedagogy.

Another year supporting the UAD Gala

The University of Art and Design Graduates’ Gala (UAD Gala), initiated by our colleague Elena Basso-Stănescu, has reached its 19th edition. Our association supports the talent, originality and creativity of the designers present at the Gala.

Applauded by the university officials, fashion industry and media representatives, the event has the reputation to be one of the most important of its kind inRomania, a launching platform for the most talented designers. For us the UAD Gala is an opportunity to discover talented people, capable of starting-up successful businesses and changing the world in a creative way.

Our collegues, Mihaela Rus/Vitrina Advertising, Mihaela Miron/Impress, Olga Stanciu/Jolidon and Flacăra, Loredana Florea/Casa cu Flori, were directly involved in supporting this event that will take place Saturday, 29th of June, at Grand Hotel Italia.

Good luck to the all graduates!

The “Mini-libraries for health” arrived at the Pediatric Clinic nr. 2

The most recent project of out association, “Mini-libraries for health”, is running at its full speed. Today we have installed the first four mini-libraries in the Pediatric Clinic no. 2.

Our colleagues have fondly arranged the shelves. In this way all the children and their parents can enjoy the books and magazines selected for them. The libraries located at four floors (1, 2, 3, 4) have no management so the kids can anytime pick up a book and start reading.

We wish that this action will help the patients overcame quickly and in a positive manner the time they spend in the hospital. Also, we hope they will make the books their friends for life. We thank all those who sustained and are currently sustaining our project. We are happy that once more turned out that the citizens can show solidarity and goodwill.

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We are offering books for the patients of the hospitals in Cluj-Napoca

We are getting involved in a new project called “Mini-libraries for health” through which we are offering books, magazines, art albums to the hospitals in Cluj-Napoca for their patients and those who are visiting. The volumes will be donated by us but in the same time we are coordinating a massive campaign of collecting books and magazines from the citizens of Cluj-Napoca, publishing houses and companies which are distributing press.

The books will be chosen so they will have a positive and optimist content, and those for children should have cheerful and attractive images for diverting sad thoughts or the concerns of the patients. In this way the treatment received will be supported by a good energy given to the patients due to the reading. The first hospitals in which we will create these mini-libraries are the Pediatric Clinics, the Institute of Oncology“Prof. Dr. Ion Chiricuţă”, the Heart Institute “Nicolae Stăncioiu” and theMunicipalHospital.

“The managers of the hospitals were really enthusiastic regarding this idea and they promised all their support. There will be no classic libraries with management and we are not afraid that some books will disappear. The contrary, we will be glad if someone decides to finish at home the book which he started in the hospital. This means that the health of the patient improved sooner than expected, and we will replace the missing books”, declared Mihaela Rus, President of AFA Cluj.

The citizens of Cluj-Napocawho want to participate in this project can give books, by sending an e-mail to, and the team of volunteers will go and collect them. Regarding this we are inviting everybody to support the project. We thank you all!

The project “Cluj has attitude” continues

Starting today, the residents of Cluj have the possibility to evaluate all year long the way in which public institutions run their activities, in relation with the citizens, due to the fact that our project “Cluj has attitude” is permanent.

Thereby, even if the voting on the website was stopped in order to centralize the results of the first stage of the project, starting June 25, the citizens can continue grading public institutions from 1 to 10 every time they consider it necessary to appreciate the way in which they work. Also, the website will include, starting today, a graph which shows the monthly evolution of the way institutions are perceived by the public.

“It is a project intended to boost democracy, and which, right from the beginning, was meant to be  transformed into a permanent mechanism, a barometer which would determine public institutions to improve their relation with the citizens. Our initiative was warmly welcomed by the local community, and we are glad to be able to give institutions a constructive system, which helps them increase the efficiency of their services”, declared Mihaela Rus, President of AFA Cluj.

The evaluation of the process will run until March 2013, after then, in April another quantitative research will take place, which will aim to track the way in which the activity of public institutions has improved. After one year of evaluation, an event will be organized in which institutions will be awarded, taking into consideration the public’s assessment.

Let’s make Cluj the Capital of Common Sense

We have finished the first stage of our project “Cluj has attitude”, made in partnership with the Center for the Study of Democracy, a project through which the citizens of Cluj-Napoca could evaluate the efficiency and the professionalism of public institutions.

The evaluation had two components: an online vote on the site of the project: and a quantitative research, carried out with the help of volunteers acting as interview operators, coordinated by CSD.  The sample of the quantitative research consisted of 550 people, while 430 forms were submitted in the online environment. The project had a reach of 72.000 people from the Cluj area, and the surroundings, 2.082 people taking part in the project through visits and interactions on the site or the social media.

The results of the quantitative research were made public in a cocktail that took place this evening, at the Topaz restaurant, where we invited representatives of the evaluated public institutions, members of AFA, business men, politicians, bloggers and the press.

“The most important result of this study is not the top of the institutions, but the fact that the inhabitants of Cluj proved to have attitude, also, they know very well what they want, meaning quality public services. Our project has a high potential of changing, in a positive way, the quality of public services in Cluj-Napoca therefore, we see these results as an evaluation of the situation, a starting point for future improvement in the activitiy of public institutions. Meanwhile, we wish to channel all positive civic attitude built around this project in a common belief, and to use it for the transformation of Cluj in the Capital of Common Sense. We are hoping that all social, economic and politic forces will embrace our belief so that together we will make Cluj a national example of common sense”, declared Mihaela Rus, President of AFA Cluj.

We have launched the project “Cluj has attitude”

The project “Cluj has attitude”, which we are launching today, is aimed at offering the citizens of Cluj-Napoca the possibility to evaluate the efficiency and professionalism of the public institutions with which they come into contact.

The project runs from May 4 to 24 and it consists of two parts: an online vote on the site of the project: and a quantitative research, conducted in partnership with the Center for the   Study of Democracy.

“Through this project we are trying to mobilize the citizens of Cluj-Napoca and to awaken their civic attitude. At the same time, we are initiating an evaluation of the satisfaction degree, regarding the efficiency of the institutions with which they have contact. My hope is that this will be a permanent mechanism, a kind of barometer, which will determine public institutions to improve their relations with the citizen”, declared Mihaela Rus, President of AFA Cluj.

We invite all the citizens of this city to join our cause, by visiting the web site, where they can grade public institutions from 1 to 10. Additionally, they can nominate and vote the institutions which are not listed and leave comments.

The results of the evaluation will be made public on May 24. On May 25 a public debate will take place regarding not only the results, but also the way in which the services of public institutions can be improved.

Easter Present for the AFR Children

During the Holy Week, our project “Hours of Reward” helped the 18 under-privileged children currently in the care of the “Family Rediscovered” Association take up one of the CLEVER Children courses for elegant manners. The course was offered as an Easter gift by our colleague Monica Dragu-Covriga, Lifenasium Executive Director.

The “Lessons for elegant manners” lasted from Monday until Thursday, two hours daily, and were held by four young people, who dedicated themselves entirely to this project. During the course, the children understood why they need good manners and how to use them; they learned rules of civilized behaviour at lunch, at school, with the colleagues, on the street, at the theatre, during a visit. In addition, they learned about poise, punctuality, how to choose a present etc.

A graduation festivity took place at the end of the course, where diplomas we given to all the children who took the CLEVER Children courses.