AFA, an active partner in the CPADDD project

Within the Centre for Promotion of Entrepreneurship in the Domain for Sustainable Development (CPADDD) project, our partner, the Technical University of Cluj-Napoca, organized the conference “Entrepreneurship. Environmental Affairs and Sustainable Development” between the 4th and 5th of July. Papers and discussions of the two-day conference focused on the business involvement in sustainable development.

During the first day, there were 3 workshops, with presentations held by leading academic and business figures. Moreover, 2 seminars were held under the themes: “Updating qualifications in sustainable development” and “Econovating Technologies and best practices in energy and the environment”. The evening ended with a dinner and an awards ceremony at the Biodiversity Center from the University of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine.

The second day was dedicated to students (MA and PhD), where best works were awarded in the “Best entrepreneurial idea in sustainable development” contest. As a partner, our association has engaged directly through Mihaela Rus, Mirela Mazurec and Teodora Raţ, for the seminar “Mentoring in the development of female entrepreneurship”.

The young entrepreneurs’ enthusiasm and desire to become active and acknowledged players in the business environment has confirmed us, as if it was needed, that mentoring plays an important role in shaping future business men and women and that our experience and involvement is very important, both socially and economically.

CPADDD aims to support the start-up of new business in sustainable development by including a training program focused on entrepreneurial and managerial skills, by offering consulting through the development of spin-off models in the rural and urban areas. Also, CPADDD promotes the new concept of “entrepreneurial university”, thus following the newest development trends in university pedagogy.

Jolidon at Mode City Paris 2012

Jolidon group, director of which is our colleague Olga Stanciu, was present in July 7 – 10 at Mode City Paris, the most important international event for lingerie and balneary fashion. The Exhibition Hall from Porte de Versailles gathered the most known brands (Chantelle, Simone Perele, Aubade, Lise Charmel, Gottex, Maryan Mehlhorn, Verde Veronica etc.), famous designers (Chantal Thomass, Andres Sarda ect), most powerful companies and business groups of the fashion field, representative brands for raw materials, accessories from Interfiliere, great style offices (Concepts Paris, Carlin International, Nelly Rody) – a total of more than 500 exhibitors.

The stand of Jolidon was considered to be “the most original and in trend” of this edition. It had 153 square meters and the origami and handmade accents pointed out at the ambient creativity.  Each day at the stand were held five presentations which were the delight of the French and International press. They were also very present in the media on TF1, France 2, France 3, RTL, Europe1, MKV HK, FashionTv etc. Jolidon and Prelude swimsuits were highlighted by mini-shows full of dynamism, great taste and color; the choreography was made this time also by Edi Stancu.

The BEST from the new collections of Jolidon and Prelude were chosen in the two “Defilé Generale” presentations but also in the special parade “Selection”. The collections were also selected in all the exhibitions of the saloons Forum, Fireflies’ Garden and Show Rooms.

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AFA Cluj Signed a Strategic Partnership with AIDDA Tuscany

Responding to an invitation from the Women Entrepreneurs and Company Managers Association (AIDDA) in Tuscany, an AFA Cluj delegation visited Italy in order to put the finishing touch on a strategic partnership with the above mentioned organization.

Once the partnership was established, we also received the AIDDA trophy. Offered the opportunity, we set the grounds for a business and friendship relation between the members of AIDDA Tuscany and AFA Cluj; the ladies from our organization were proud to represent Cluj-Napoca and Romania.

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On this occasion, we visited Florence, San Giminiagno and Lucca:

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Visiting Falla and Jolidon

“You are Our FALLA” – this is how we were greeted yesterday by the Falla and Jolidon team of designers, led by our colleague Olga Stanciu, second-in-command at Jolidon.

Responding to her invitation, we spent an evening of “designing” in the Falla and Jolidon Studios, an evening inscribed in the circuit AFA “Learn from My Business”. On this occasion, we discovered a warm and hospitable atmosphere, alongside Olga Stanciu, Elena Basso-Stănescu and the team behind the Falla and Jolidon creations. We were inspired by the materials, the colors, by the joy of discovering the new Falla collection, and by meeting the “new-born” collections before they were publicly presented.

At the same extent, we enjoyed a colorful presentation of the talents that were discovered and promoted by Elena Basso-Stănescu (UAD), the most faithful collaborator of Jolidon.

At the end, the Falla and Jolidon team spoiled us by suggesting a line of products according to the preferences of the visiting person. It was a warm evening full of color and self-indulgence.

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Mihaela Rus, Invited to Take Part in The Woman Conference

Mihaela Rus, president of AFA, received an invitation to speak in the first regional conference on women in business. “The Woman” conference was held at Best Western Plus Fusion Hotel in Cluj-Napoca.

The topics approached by Mihaela Rus were not only in relation with the agency she is currently managing, Vitrina Advertising, but also with AFA and the ways in which the association takes charge in the local community.

Our association was pertinently represented at a conference which had over 250 people attending. Therefore, we spent an interesting and agreeable afternoon in the company of valuable art work exhibited by Mrs. Manuela Plăpcianu, president of Artmark, who also had a very interesting panel during the conference.

We were pleased to be present for Mrs. Monica Tatoiu presentations, President of the We Read Foundation, Mrs. Maria, CEO Pasmatex and at the same time representative of CAFA; Mrs. Alice Botnarenco, founding member of Busines Women,  Gabriela Lungu, CEO The Practice,  Ioana Molnar, CEO Magnolia Flower Shops, who surprised us all with flowers; Silvia Sîrb, former CEO Aegon and Oana Gheorghiu from the Save Lives Association.

The event was moderated by Geta Ungurean and organized by Libero Events, whose representatives Crina Doda and Bogdan Ciocian were also present.

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Mihaela Rus, Speaker at Femina Conference

Yesterday, Mihaela Rus, President of the Business Women’s Association (AFA) in Cluj, was invited to speak at the Femina Conference on the subject of building a successful business like her own agency Vitrina Advertising.

“My principle is not “invest in yourself”, it’s not even “invest in people”. My credo is “invest in interpersonal relationships”. My success does not belong to me, but to the relationships with the people around me, may they be business or personal connections” said Mihaela Rus during her speech, which captivated a public made up of 200 representatives from the business, political, cultural and social fields in Cluj-Napoca.

The conference had TV presenter Melania Medeleanu as a moderator and included speeches from the president of the County Council, Alin Tişe, Senior Lecturer PhD Gheorghe Teodorescu (Insomar), Professor PhD Eniko Vincze (BBU) and Delia Panait, representing FRONT.

„Femina” is a project with direct financing from the European Union, which will be implemented throughout the following 36 months, in several cities in the country. This endeavor proposes to hold public conferences on the topics of equality of rights, overcoming cultural stereotypes and presenting a correct and unbiased image of women in society.

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AFA Takes Part in the Entrepreneurship and Gender Equality Conference

By way of entrepreneurship, Romania has the chance of being rediscovered at the European and global levels, and Human Resources are the most valuable for a lasting development. This was the general conclusion of the Entrepreneurship and Gender Equality Conference that took place yesterday and was organized by Vitrina Advertising, with the Center for Entrepreneurship Promotion and Advanced Development.

The conference was held in front of an auditorium made up of representatives of the women’s entrepreneurship in Cluj, many of them being members of AFA.

The hostess of the event was Mihaela Rus, President of AFA Cluj, and among the key-speakers there were: dr. Carmen Diaconescu, manager of the private Prompt Urg Ambulance Service, Steluţa Racolţa, general manager of RSC Consulting, Univ. Prof. PhD. Vasile Puşcaş, director of the International Studies’ Institute from BBU and Univ. Prof. PhD. Vasile Soporan, manager of Center for Entrepreneurship Promoting and Advanced Development.

A Saturday for Communication with Vitrina Advertising

The first event of the year from the series “Learn from my Business” was held Saturday, the 28th of January, at the Topaz Hotel and was initiated by our President, Mihaela Rus.

The subject of discussion was „A Saturday for Communication with Vitrina Advertising“, and it featured three presentations on branding and online communication.

Călin Crainic, Creative manager, Darius Groza, Web manager and Radu Neag, from the PR online Department explained about the relationship between consumer and brand, showed us proof of the power of the social media today and unveiled some secrets of a professional online appearance. The presentations held by the three creative members were a real plus both for the association and for our businesses. ‘Learn from my Business’ will be held every last Saturday of the month.

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