Another year supporting the UAD Gala

The University of Art and Design Graduates’ Gala (UAD Gala), initiated by our colleague Elena Basso-Stănescu, has reached its 19th edition. Our association supports the talent, originality and creativity of the designers present at the Gala.

Applauded by the university officials, fashion industry and media representatives, the event has the reputation to be one of the most important of its kind inRomania, a launching platform for the most talented designers. For us the UAD Gala is an opportunity to discover talented people, capable of starting-up successful businesses and changing the world in a creative way.

Our collegues, Mihaela Rus/Vitrina Advertising, Mihaela Miron/Impress, Olga Stanciu/Jolidon and Flacăra, Loredana Florea/Casa cu Flori, were directly involved in supporting this event that will take place Saturday, 29th of June, at Grand Hotel Italia.

Good luck to the all graduates!

AFA Cluj supports the UAD Gala 2012

True to our belief of supporting excellence in education and beauty, we decided also this year to assistance our colleague Elena Basso-Stănescu with the organization of the 18th edition of the Alumni Gala University of Art and Design, a real spectacle of talent, originality and fashion creativity.

Created so that the graduates could have the opportunity of showing their practical skills and their vision regarding the fashion field, the UAD Gala reunites the academic environment and the representatives of the fashion industry, specialized press and the professionals of the field. In fact, this is a real launching platform for the alumni who wish to have a bright future in fashion.

In the organization of the event, which will be taking place on Saturday, June 30, at the Grand Hotel Italia, the following ladies from AFA were involved: Mihaela Rus/Vitrina Advertising, Mihaela Miron/Impress, Ramona Mîndru/Catwalk, Olga Stanciu/Jolidon, Mirela Mazurec/Spot Images, Alexandra Stoica/DAS Engineering, Mariana Casian/Restaurant Sun, Loredana Florea/Casa cu Flori, Mihaela Căluşer/Wens Tour, Gabriela Rădoiu/Best Western Topaz, Cornelia Nagy/Napotex, Gina Scerbac/Cram In Pub and Nastaca Biji/Nasticom.

Also, Mrs. Olga Stanciu, Monica Ursu, Cristina Mihaela Pop, Bianca Munteanu, Simona Schneider, Edit Todoran, Adina Racoviţă, Alexandra Stoica, Mirela Mazurec, Mihaela Matei and Valeria Neţin will participate at a workshop regarding “Stimulating the Entrepreneurship and Business Financing” on Saturday, before the Gala. This is an informative business session organized by another partner of the UAD Gala, the Pro Transylvania Cultural Association.

We wish good luck to the alumni, during the event, but also in their career, and we are expecting to be amazed by the collections presented on the catwalk.

Painting Evening

Thursday, February 24, we met at Morphoza, in order to enjoy a cultural evening.

We had a special guest: the painter Nicolae Maniu.

The artist presented a movie about his life and art, and offered autographs.

We had good cakes and Chilean wine, the painter’s favourite.

Some of the participants’ impressions:

Last evening was a wonderful evening. I am speechless… oh, yes, it was a perfect evening! Thank you everybody: initiators, collaborators, participants, and especially to our guest who was so gifted and so patient. (Mihaela Căluşer)


After this evening, I for one woke up with a smile upon my face. I had a superb evening. I am very happy to be a part of this group of people with such special souls. Our guest is a distinctive person and it was an honour to personally meet him, and the location is …outstanding and “inspiring”, a very good idea! (Ramona Casian)

It was a remarkable evening, with beautiful women and a real master!
(Tania Cristea)

Thank you Mihaela for a special evening. I thank our hosts for the special location that was offered with love,  thank you  for knowing how to appreciate such an event. (Claudia Komoroczy)

Congratulations to the organizers of this evening’s special meeting! Being with Mr. Maniu and, with YOU, of course, I recharged my batteries in order to go through another full week! (Gabriela Rusu)

It has truly been a wonderful evening; I looked around last evening with so much joy and saw how special you all are. Together we have such positive energy! The food was very good, the drinks made to measure, and the story in the movie and the presence of the painter made it a truly successful evening. (Simona Baciu)

Once again, it has been proven that we can accomplish beautiful deeds together! (Nora Cucu)

I woke up in the morning thinking of you and of the beautiful evening we spent together with a special man. I woke up with sunlight in my soul and smiling eyes, all thanks to you and to your beautiful souls, which irradiate energy and kindness. (Gina Scerbac)

The painter Maniu was born on April 11, 1944, in Turda; he left Romania in 1983. He initiated his career in the German and French artistic worlds, becoming the best sold contemporary Romanian artist. He came back in the country during the 90s, and in 2004 received the grade of Officer in the Order of “Cultural Merit” for international artistic activity. Paintings signed by Maniu are in the possession of the Royal Family of Brunei, the family of leader Deng Xiaoping, and the British actor Pierce Brosnan. The prize of a painting by Maniu measuring 1.50/1.80 reaches up to 100.000 Euro, the Gallery prize.

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800 Participants at the AFA Gala and Dan Puric. A Unique Show.

[singlepic id=17 w=199 h=132 float=left]During this evening (November 9, 2010, ed.’s n.), the Business Women Association in Cluj brought together over 800 people at the Gala that took place at the Hungarian Opera. Invitatul special al evenimentului a fost Dan Puric, al cărui spectacol de o oră şi jumatate a stârnit ropote de aplauze în sala arhiplină.

It was the first ample media event organized by AFA during its six years of existence. “It is a Gala with no awards and no laureates”. It is our first gala and we organized it for our dear ones, for the valuable people in Cluj, whom we wanted to offer a show and also to convince them to help us and become involved in our projects”, declared Mihaela Rus, President of The Business Women Association, Cluj.

The announcer of the Gala, Cătălin Stefăescu, held a speech about the importance of culture. The connexion with the Business Women was … discrete. “Culture refers to the values of the society, to their inter-relations. AFA preferred to be discrete for six years, however, today the moment has come for it to make itself heard, to present its mission”, said the famous TV presenter.

The Business Women Association from Cluj comprises 48 members, both ladies who own their own business, and who hold leading positions in powerful national and international companies. And the list for enrolment is opened. “It is not an exclusivist organization”, emphasized Mihaela Rus.

Numerous personalities from Cluj participated at the Gala, at the Hungarian Opera, among whom the vice-Mayor Radu Moisin, the Director of ITM Cluj, ,  Emilian Roşca – the chief of the Cluj Police Highway Patrol, Alexandru Mureşan, director at AJOFM Cluj, Daniel Don, the President of UMF, Marius Bojiţă.

[article taken from Cluj]

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AFA Cluj and the University of Art and Design

This summer, we had the pleasure of contributing to the organization of the UAD Gala. The representative of the University Elena Basso Stănescu is currently a member of the Association. AFA Cluj engaged in editing the Catalogue of the Gala, and Mihaela Rus, who is also a member of the Association, offered the services of the advertising agency she is managing –  the Vitrina Advertising.

[Catalogue download here – pdf format, 7,3 MG]