“We speak…table tennis”

A table tennis tournament was held Friday under the auspices of our association, at the Sports Hall. The event, “Do you speak…table tennis” intended to raise funds for supporting, with school materials, the English courses organized by Interstudia, thanks to our colleague Roxana Moga, at the “Retrieved Family” Association (RFA).

Andrada Vincze, a professional table tennis player was present at the tournament. For two hours she talked with the children from RFA and shared with them her experience as a medalist with national and international awards. The kids loved her from the beginning and asked many questions before they all started playing table tennis together.

The 20 players from the tournament were supported by the ladies from our association. The event was indeed a result of team work, being organized by Edit Todoran, Oana Pele, Ramona Casian, Gina Scerbac, Carmen Cebuc, Mariana Casian, Dana Nicoară and Cristina Mihaela Pop.

The game was “rough”, and at the end of the championship all participants received certificates of participation made by Alexandra Rus and handed by the AFA ladies attending the event. The participants received packages with time tables and calendars carefully prepared by Mihaela Miron and cake boxes brought by Carmen Buzoianu. Those on the 1st place, at the young and adult categories, received champagne from Nastaca Biji. The prizes were completed by the sweets from Mihaela Rus, President of AFA and by the vouchers from Jolidon, thanks to Olga Stanciu.

Andrada Vincze and Rareş Sipos, a young hope of the table tennis from Cluj, played in the end a demonstrative game. Within the tournament, the twins Klaudia and Kristina from RFA were selected to play table tennis at the University Sport Club. We wish them good-luck and why not, to become professional players.

Donations worth of 50.000 RON at the Crystal Ball of AFA Cluj

More than 240 business and political personalities from Cluj joined us at the Crystal Ball, a charity event which was organized Friday, on the 23rd of November, at the Da Vinci Restaurant. With this occasion, our kind guests made donations worth 50.000 RON, and these funds will support a part of the projects of the association.

“This is the third year in which we organize a charity ball and I am more than happy to realize that AFA has become a message carrier in the community. Everything we did until now shows that we care and that together with those surrounding us we are more powerful. When good people from Cluj get together, beautiful things happen”, declared Mihaela Rus, President of AFA Cluj.

During the event we all participated to a silent auction with art objects and jewelry from our private collections and also to a raffle in which the biggest prize was a painting worth 2.000 euros signed by the painter Paul Sima. The evening was spiced with exceptional artistic moments supported by Trio Zamfirescu, known to be the best classic guitar players from Romania, David & The Six Martini Band and a ballet group from the Hungarian Opera House from Cluj.

The donations collected at the Crystal Ball will go towards our beloved projects. In this way we will continue the campaign “Wonders for the homes in need” through which we will help orphans, lonely old people, we will bring a financial contribution to the surgical intervention of Yanis, a child diagnosed with bone tumor, we will sustain the after-school program of the High School for the visually impaired in Cluj-Napoca and we will award the inventive students of the project The Factory of Entrepreneurs.

We thank all those who were beside us in this year as well, and supported us with so much soul!

Donate books for the hospitals at the BookShow!

Citizens of Cluj who want to donate books for “Mini-libraries for health”, our project, can do so within the “BookShow”, the Fair of Books and Reading for the soul. The event is held during 4th – 7th October, in the Continental Hotel. The books will be collected in a special arranged corner. All those who will donate books, will receive a picture taken in a professional studio situated nearby the donating place.

For 4 days, the hotel from the heart of the city, will regain its cultural spirit through the organized events, such as painting and photography exhibitions, poetry evenings, courses for good manners in reading, theatre etc. The fair opens Thursday, at 10 AM, and will be offering books at promotional prices to everyone who visits the Continental.

The “Mini-libraries for health” arrived at the Pediatric Clinic nr. 2

The most recent project of out association, “Mini-libraries for health”, is running at its full speed. Today we have installed the first four mini-libraries in the Pediatric Clinic no. 2.

Our colleagues have fondly arranged the shelves. In this way all the children and their parents can enjoy the books and magazines selected for them. The libraries located at four floors (1, 2, 3, 4) have no management so the kids can anytime pick up a book and start reading.

We wish that this action will help the patients overcame quickly and in a positive manner the time they spend in the hospital. Also, we hope they will make the books their friends for life. We thank all those who sustained and are currently sustaining our project. We are happy that once more turned out that the citizens can show solidarity and goodwill.

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We are offering books for the patients of the hospitals in Cluj-Napoca

We are getting involved in a new project called “Mini-libraries for health” through which we are offering books, magazines, art albums to the hospitals in Cluj-Napoca for their patients and those who are visiting. The volumes will be donated by us but in the same time we are coordinating a massive campaign of collecting books and magazines from the citizens of Cluj-Napoca, publishing houses and companies which are distributing press.

The books will be chosen so they will have a positive and optimist content, and those for children should have cheerful and attractive images for diverting sad thoughts or the concerns of the patients. In this way the treatment received will be supported by a good energy given to the patients due to the reading. The first hospitals in which we will create these mini-libraries are the Pediatric Clinics, the Institute of Oncology“Prof. Dr. Ion Chiricuţă”, the Heart Institute “Nicolae Stăncioiu” and theMunicipalHospital.

“The managers of the hospitals were really enthusiastic regarding this idea and they promised all their support. There will be no classic libraries with management and we are not afraid that some books will disappear. The contrary, we will be glad if someone decides to finish at home the book which he started in the hospital. This means that the health of the patient improved sooner than expected, and we will replace the missing books”, declared Mihaela Rus, President of AFA Cluj.

The citizens of Cluj-Napocawho want to participate in this project can give books, by sending an e-mail to, and the team of volunteers will go and collect them. Regarding this we are inviting everybody to support the project. We thank you all!

The project “Cluj has attitude” continues

Starting today, the residents of Cluj have the possibility to evaluate all year long the way in which public institutions run their activities, in relation with the citizens, due to the fact that our project “Cluj has attitude” is permanent.

Thereby, even if the voting on the website was stopped in order to centralize the results of the first stage of the project, starting June 25, the citizens can continue grading public institutions from 1 to 10 every time they consider it necessary to appreciate the way in which they work. Also, the website will include, starting today, a graph which shows the monthly evolution of the way institutions are perceived by the public.

“It is a project intended to boost democracy, and which, right from the beginning, was meant to be  transformed into a permanent mechanism, a barometer which would determine public institutions to improve their relation with the citizens. Our initiative was warmly welcomed by the local community, and we are glad to be able to give institutions a constructive system, which helps them increase the efficiency of their services”, declared Mihaela Rus, President of AFA Cluj.

The evaluation of the process will run until March 2013, after then, in April another quantitative research will take place, which will aim to track the way in which the activity of public institutions has improved. After one year of evaluation, an event will be organized in which institutions will be awarded, taking into consideration the public’s assessment.

Magic in the kitchen

We were glad, a few days ago, to be part of a new activity in our project “Hours as gift”, dedicated to the children from the “Retrieved Family” Association. More precisely, we have taught the children to prepare healthy sandwiches. The “teacher” was our colleague Ramona Casian. She arrived to RFA with bags full of bread, ham, smoked salmon, butter, cheese, lettuce, onions, cucumbers, tomatoes and rucola. She asked the kids to wash their hands and then she set their tasks. Each of them contributed with something: washing the vegetables, buttering the bread, or cutting the tomatoes and cucumbers.

After everything was ready, Ramona explained to them how important it is to eat “raw” food, to color your sandwich with onions, tomatoes, lettuce, cucumber. They had some trouble with rucola, as the children were not accustomed with its taste. After Ramona explained to them how rich in vitamins it is, the box of rucola was rapidly emptied. The same happened, also, to the tasty and good-looking sandwiches. In the end, after the tables were cleared, the children washed the dishes and cleaned up. After that, they started playing.

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Public debate “Cluj has attitude”

Friday, May 25, from 1 PM, the public debate on the results of our project, “Cluj has attitude” took place at Piano Cazola. Alongside with Mihaela Rus, President of AFA Cluj and Marius Mosoreanu, the representative of the Center for the Study of Democracy, our project partner, the event also had as guests Traian Runcanu – head of Cluj County Directorate for Persons Records, Ligia Subţirică – head architect of the city, Oana Buzatu – spokesman for the Cluj-Napoca’s City Hall, Crina Grozavu – the representative of the County House of Health Insurance, Leontina Kovacs – head of the Land Registry Office,  Ilie Rostogol – the representative of the Department of Finance and Mircea Radu – head of the County Office of Consumer Affairs.

The person that moderated the event was the journalist Mihnea Măruţă, chief-editor at The debate enjoyed the audience formed by representatives of the press, ladies from AFA, bloggers and AFA volunteers. For two hours, the discussions dealt with the reasons why the results of the citizens’ evaluation of public institutions concluded with an average of 7. The representatives of the evaluated institutions expressed their point of view and answered questions.

“We, women, are more concerned with the harmony of the community. The project was successful, but we don’t want these results to be used destructively. We want them to serve as a basis for an improvement in the activity of public servants”, declared Mihaela Rus, in conclusion.

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