Who are the members of the Jury for the “Snapshoot The Botanical Garden” Contest?

We are delighted to present to you the members of the jury who will offer the awards for the “Snapshoot the Botanical Garden” photo contest. As we previously announced in the Regulations of the contest, the jury is constituted by the AFA representatives from Cluj, the Babeş-Bolyai University and the mass-media representatives.


The President of the Jury is Lecturer Eugen Moritz,  Ph.D., academic at the University of Arts and Design Cluj-Napoca, the Department of Photography. Dedicating his time to his threefold passion, painting, photography and movies, and a member of the Plastic Artists’ Union from Cluj, Eugen Moritz has exhibits in private collections from the U.S.A., Israel, Belgium, Austria, Germany, and Romania. During his career, he collected numerous awards in Romania and abroad, the closest to his soul being the prize awarded by the New York magazine “Popular Photography”, at the Great 1998 Picture Contest, where 60.000 photographs were enlisted.

The representative of the Babeş-Bolyai University in the jury is the well-known photographer Mircea Albu. He is an engineer who graduated from the Institute of Photography in New York, majoring in applied photography. Awarded with numerous national and international prizes, founder and president of the “Universitatea” Photo-club for students, and of the ArtImage Association from Cluj-Napoca, Mircea Albuis is also the one who initiated the “Cluj Days for Photography” in 1989, as well as numerous photography camps and workshops.

Another member of the jury is the biologist Mihai Puşcaş, scientific researcher, and representative of the Botanical Garden “Alexandru Borza”. Holding two doctoral degrees, achieved at Babeş-Bolyai University and the Grenoble University (France), Mihai Puşcaş is currently in charge with the Botanical Museum and the herbarium of the Botanical Garden.

On behalf of the mass media, the members of the jury are Ruxandra Hurezeanu, journalist at Gazetino, the author of the feature report volume called “The Conspiracy of the Free People”, launched last year at Bookfest, and Eugen Olariu, the sole photo-reporter to take part, in 2008, in the expedition on the Khan Tengri peak (7.010 meters), at the border of Kazakhstan and Kîrghistan. At the same time, Olariu is one of the most loved and appreciated photo-reporters from Cluj.

Another member of the jury is Pierina Vintilă, vice-president and founding member of the Business Women Association from Cluj. Engineer by profession, Pierina Vintilă is also a talented painter, and a real connoisseur of the Botanical Garden. Cristina Mihaela Pop is in the jury on behalf of the AFA Cluj also, director of Regional Development of the “Business Women” magazine, responsible with the PR aspects of this project.

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