How you can be involved in the AFA Cluj projects

Help us become a force and an even more significant voice in the society we are sustaining. Join us and volunteer for the AFA Cluj ventures. Bring a financial contribution to the ongoing projects in our association, which help support our local community.

  • Bank account (IBAN): RO58BTRL01301205921514XX

Redirect 2% from your income tax to the Business Women Association in Cluj. All you need to do is fill in the 230 form (for the income tax) or the 200 form (for other sources of income) and hand it in until 15th of May, year in course.

Follow the steps:

1. Download and fill in the income tax form  (Form 230)or the one for other income sources (Form 200).

  • Year: __ (the previous year, the one for which the tax has already been paid)
  • Name of nonprofit organization: “ASOCIATIA FEMEILOR DE AFACERI CLUJ
  • Unique taxpayer reference: : 
  • Bank account:

2. Hand in or post the form as a registered letter at the Public Finance Administration office  (see address).


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