Interstudia: Relax in(to) English

Roxana Moga, the director of the Interstudia Centre for Foreign Languages, explains why a company should invest in language training for the employees.

How did the story of Interstudia begin?
Interstudia was founded by Carmen Olariu in 1997. I took over the Centre in 2004, when she decided to retire. I had already been teaching at Interstudia when I was offered this opportunity. I always accept challenges, so, I began dealing with its administration right away.

Who would attend the courses at Interstudia at that time?
There were mostly open courses because many people wanted to go abroad at the time. Nowadays people of various ages and social classes are drawn upon our knowledge. Interstudia offers them the opportunity of learning a foreign language using a different approach than the traditional one: our teachers handle a complex teaching-learning process in which the focus is on learning rather than teaching. Our methods are interactive, immersive and entertaining. In other words, the activities proposed are based on communicating in the target language, in a laid-back, nevertheless effective atmosphere.

Currently, once they have signed up for an open course, our customers become members of the “Interstudia Conversational Club: «Relax in(to) English!»”. This is a benefit that we offer to everyone, regardless of the language they study.

Companies are also a very important segment of the market for us. Over the years, we have managed to develop and maintain good working relationships with all the client companies. In time, they have come to understand the great importance of having employees who are able to speak fluently and convey messages accurately, in a foreign language. We believe it is of utmost importance for any person who studies with us to feel at ease when speaking.

Could you provide us with more details about your in-company training programmes?
The training programme has as starting point the employees’ communication needs. The overall approach and the themes we choose for each course are based on the principle of effective communication, which we promote: our students do not learn to speak in a foreign language just for the sake of talking, but rather in order to effectively convey information and intentions.

What would be the advantages of such a programme?
Our vision embodies the idea that the skill of speaking a foreign language, namely, communication, leads to the creation of new opportunities for our learners both professionally and personally. In other words, our aim throughout the process of teaching a foreign language is for the students not only to develop their linguistic knowledge, but also their individual skills and their ability to relate to other people effortlessly.

Obviously, all these traits of the educational act at “Interstudia” are put into practice by our teachers. They do not only transmit information, but they are also great mediators and motivators. In short, by focusing on communication, we direct our actions towards people, for people and through people.

How do you maintain the balance between family and career?
Family and career coexist and the balance tilts as needed. I have got two little girls and I usually spend the afternoons and evenings with them. However, there are times when the professional side is more demanding and then I concentrate on it.

Have you ever wanted to live in another city or in another country?
I think Cluj is a very nice city. I have never been drawn to the idea of living abroad, probably because my family is here. I appreciate, however, the educational system and the degree of civilization of Western countries.

I would like to bring the best of them here. Actually, this is one of the reasons why I am so proud of belonging to the “Business Women Association” (AFA). Its actions are directed towards changing the community for the better in many ways. One of the main goals of the association is to transform the city of Cluj-Napoca into a cultural landmark, which has led to the development of various programmes, such as “Gala AFA”. Another programme developed by AFA is entitled “Time as a gift”, which we proudly support. We think that giving is a joy ; we are happy to offer the community the freedom to communicate, and thus get people in touch with themselves and with the others.


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